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Pet Sitters

Professional Pet Sitting Services for Your Pets in Your Home

Contact Affectionate Pet Sitters

Serving Greater Little Rock, North Little Rock,

Maumelle and Sherwood, Affectionate Pet Sitters

is located in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Sorry to let you know, 

but we are currently 

not taking any new clients.

Before you send the form, have you read our Services, Policies and Procedures page (rates are located there)? 

It should answer many of the questions you may have.  

ALL First Time Requests for Service,

Must Be Submitted by Using this Form.

This is a preliminary form, not the contract.

Before you fill this out, remember, we only sit pets in parts of North Little Rock, Little Rock, Sherwood, and a bit of Maumelle.

You can check if you are in our specific area, by going to the About Affectionate Pet Sitters page and look under Coverage Area.

Please Note: When typing in the comment boxes, IF you hit/press the return key, it will automatically send the form. So although you want to make a paragraph return, just keep typing. = ) I apologize this is hard to read and is not in black due to my website host not being able to make the necessary change I have repeatedly requested. If there is a question in a box, but no place to answer, please answer it in the next or last text box. Thank you and I apologize for this inconvenience! I DO NOT give/sell this information to anyone! If you have read anything only site, it's that your information is private and I value that privacy!

Before you press send . . . please tell us your pets ages and names, if you haven't. Do include your address so we can quote your mileage. Also note, this is not the only paperwork you will be filling out for me, thus our consultation and first meeting being an hour long and us having a follow up meeting.

Phone Hours:

Mon. through Fri.: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Sat. and Sun. checking emails as available.

Please leave a message with details about your Pet Sitting needs, with your name and a phone number so we can call you back. If you have not filled out the form above, please do so first. If you need last-minute service, please say so. If we are on a pet visit, we are focusing all our attention on the fur kids we are Pet Sitting and will call you back as soon as we can.

We are practicing safe driving by not texting or returning phone calls while we drive. We will return your request as soon as possible. 

Additionally, we would like to focus our attention on you and your pets’ needs when we talk!

We look forward to meeting you and sitting for your

furry, finny, feathery, scalely, slimy or slithery pets.

Affectionate Pet Sitters is a Non-Smoking Organization.